Presentation set of in stock USB keys

a great sales tool for brokers and agencies

149 €

An effective presentation of USB sticks for your clients. Samples of all color versions and with all finishing options, gathered in one place!

A solution for all business gift providers, brokers and marketing agencies involved in the sale of personalized USB sticks. The PRO-USB.EU team offers you a special set of ALL USB sticks that we have in stock in Ljubljana and are available immediately.


Personalised with your logo!

The set is packed in a nice black box that you can carry around and easily take it to your customers and present the entire offer in one place. This makes it easier for the customer to decide which model and color is right for their specific needs.


Our complete product range in all color options

There are several boards in the set, storing all color versions of USB keys in stock. The boards are arranged in sets - Twister models, plastic and metal keys, Cards and Eco models and other models and accessories. Thus, the presentation is transparent, useful and very attractive.

Board - Twister

  • Presentation of Twister models in stock
  • Classic Twister - with standard USB connection
  • Twister OTG - With connection for Android phones and standard USB port

Board - Cards, leather and wooden models

  • USB cards of various shapes made of plastic and recycled materials
  • USB Tirol - elegant leather USB stick
  • Wooden USB sticks - popular models such as Eco Wood and Oval

Board - Plastic and metal models

  • USB Key with several color options
  • Metal USB models - USB Madrid and USB Bari
  • USB paper clip - paper clip and USB stick in one
  • USB Ballpoint pen - pen + USB stick

Board - USB pendants and accessories

  • USB key ring
  • Accessories for USB sticks - pendants, lanyards...
  • Packaging - cardboard and plastic boxes, cases

All personalisation options are also shown



UV varnishing


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The set of USB stick samples is intended for agencies, printers, resalers and business gift providers. The set contains only non-functional memory chip replacements. At your request, USB sticks can also be equipped with working memory chips.