Ways to customize our USB sticks


Do you want to add a personal touch to your USB stick? Then we offer you the possibility of personalisation using the following methods:



For personalization with laser engraving, there are several reasons. This technique is currently very popular for adding text or logo to the product. It is also the most economical way of personalization. Our engravers always make an extremely accurate reproduction of your desired graphics. Especially attractive is the engraving on wooden USB keys, where the laser leaves a gently burned trail and ensures a rustic look.

Reasons for using engraving:

  • Extremely precise method
  • The graphics can not be removed or deleted
  • A relatively affordable method, especially for smaller batches
  • Graphics can also be touched - 3D layout





We use several different printing methods. Flat surfaces (such as a USB twister clip) can be printed using screen printing. It is printed using special nets, and the method allows easy and fast printing to smaller or larger batch products. Curved surfaces are printed with tampoprint. It can be printed on smaller surfaces, but high precision can be achieved. It is printed with special soft pads that adapt to the surface of the product. In smaller series, digital printing is often used. This method allows full-color printing, so that different color toppings or even photographs are possible.

Reasons for using print:

  • with some methods it is possible to print smaller series
  • short production deadlines
  • logo or graphics is presented in colors
  • personalization options are limited only to the size of the print surface




dodelava lak

Printing with lacquer

Elegant alternative to engraving! If you want a more discreet finishing on USB sticks, then the right way for you is printing with lacquer. A particularly attractive look is provided on metal USB keys, because light fractures on the printed surface and gives the impression that the metal is embedded.

Why print with lacquer?

  • very attractive appearance
  • discrete finishing
  • the logo can be felt

 dodelava lak



Doming sticker

The logo leaves the best impression when it is printed in full color technique. Thanks to our printers, we can print the logo in any color for the same price. Each print is then filled with a single layer of polymer transparent material. This makes the logo even more pronounced, while protecting it, so that it remains fully visible even with very frequent use. The sticker can be trimmed in a wide variety of shapes. 

Reasons for using doming sticker:

  • graphics are printed extremely accurately
  • attractive 3D look
  • this method is waterproof, UV and scratch resistant
  • suitable for smaller batches




Custom made USB stick - 2D form

Why print a logo on a product if you can make the product in the form of your logo? We enable you to create a USB stick in virtually any form. They are made of plastic, on which the graphics are printed in full-color technique. Then the electronics with a memory part and a USB input port are put in. The minimum quantity for a 2D version order is 25 pieces!

Why choose 2D USB stick?

  • a completely unique USB stick
  • extremely attractive appearance
  • there are no mold costs
  • quick delivery times




Custom made USB stick - 3D form

If you want a completely unique gift, you can get a completely three-dimensional USB stick that is made of special plastic material that can be molded into any shape. It is available in many colors. The cost of the mold is singular. Let the imagination roam freely, because the possibilities are unlimited!

Why choose 3D USB stick?

  • the shape is entirely up to you
  • a unique product
  • soft and pleasing to the touch
  • extremely attractive way of promotion