SKU: USC.K00.200
85,4 x 54,1 mm

The RFID blocking card (i.e. anti skimming RFID card) is intended to prevent unauthorized access to data stored on RFID cards (payment, credit cards,...). When the security card is near other RFID cards, it creates a protective zone around them, since the card contains a chip that blocks radio waves.

RFID cards can become a target of abuse, mainly due to wireless communication and relatively easy access to data over short distances. Attackers can use portable RFID readers to read data from RFID cards at a distance of several centimeters to several meters, depending on the type of card and reader. This process often happens in crowded places such as public transport, shops or public events. With the read data, attackers can create a copy of the RFID card and use it for unauthorized access or transactions.

Using the RFID blocking card is very easy. Simply slip it into your wallet or purse along with your other cards. No additional settings, activation or batteries are required. The dimensions are the same as regular cards, so it fits in any wallet.

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